Beam Energy Calculation: Single Value Decomposition Threshold Tuning
Summary table


The available links give a plot of the
  • (chi2 from the comparison between the measured antiproton orbit and the one expected from the lattice model) vs (Single Value Decomposition threshold on the W matrix)
  • (RMS of the calculated dipole kicks) vs (Single Value Decomposition threshold from SVDlat.const file, corresponding to the threshold on the W matrix)
  • (calculated dL with respect to the reference orbit from psi' of stack 67) vs (Single Value Decomposition threshold on the W matrix)
  • Around 200 plots like these have been produced to tune the Single Value Decomposition parameters. Here there is only a few samples.


    Last update of this page -- Mon Nov 24 18:41:55 CST 1997

    Stack 3 - * chi2 of 96_10_23 : nominal energy 3556.56a 3556.56b MeV

    Stack 13 - * etacp of 97_02_10 : nominal energy 3660.22 3585.27 MeV

    Stack 44 - * etac of 97_06_05 : nominal energy 2956.2 MeV
    Stack 56 - * 1p1 of 97_07_17 : nominal energy 3525.7 MeV

    Stack 79 - * pipi of 97_09_17 : nominal energy 3270 MeV


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