The table below provides links to other pages that describe the hardware triggers that made up the gatemaster/prescaler trigger system. The hardware prescaler factor history can be found on the PRUDE www page as well as information about the software triggers.



1 e+e-
3 Phi-Phi
4 Neutral PBG1
5 Neutral Etot
6 Pbarp Control
7 Etot 80% No Veto
8 Etot_lo Neutral
9 Laser
10 Silicon Strobe
12 Minimum Bias
13 Random Gate
14 FCAL Cosmic Ray
15 High Rate Min Bias

Links that go no place mean that no one has provided the trigger description. The priority of the labelling of an event in the case that more than one hardware trigger is satisfied is listed in the PRUDE KPRID prioirty table as KPRID = 10 * GM.

Descriptions of the different MLUs are also available:

  • CMLU:Charged MLU.
  • PMLU:Phi MLU.
  • NMLU:Neutral MLU.
  • MMLU:Master MLU.
  • *

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