E835 E-mail Addresses &  Phone Numbers

A map of the phone numbers in the E835 trailers.

Fermilab phone numbers are (630) 840-xxxx.

One can also use the FNAL Telephone Directory.

General Phone Numbers:

	AP50 Counting Room.......................x2760

Offsite phone numbers are for univeristy offices.



FNAL Extension

Pager or Off-site #

Email Address

Argiro, Stefano Torino OFF:+39 011 670 7334 argiro@fnal.gov
Bagnasco, Stefano Torino x2467 OFF:+39 011 670 7340 bagnasco@ge.infn.it
Baldini, Wander Ferrara x2487 OFF:+39 0532 781907 baldini@fe.infn.it
Bettoni, Diego Ferrara x8350 bettoni@fe.infn.it
Boca, Gianluigi Ferrara boca@fnal.gov
Borreani, Giovanni Torino x2468 OFF:+39 011 6707313 borreani@to.infn.it
Buzzo, Alberto Genoa x2467 OFF:+39 010 353 6348 buzzo@ge.infn.it
Calabrese, Roberto Ferrara x2470 OFF:+39 0532 781865 roby@fnal.gov
Cester, Rosanna Torino x3669 OFF:39-011-6707310 cester@fnal.gov
Cibinetto, Gianluigi Ferrara OFF:39-0532-781930 cibinett@fnal.gov
Dalpiaz, Pierro Ferrara dalpiaz@fe.infn.it
Descrovi, Emiliano Torino x2468 descrovi@fnal.gov
Fan, Xiaoling Northwestern fanxl@numep1.phys.nwu.edu
Garzoglio, Gabriele Fermilab x6470 PAG:(630) 218-9562 garzogli@fnal.gov
Gollwitzer, Keith Fermilab x8282 PAG:(630) 722-0618 gollwitz@fnal.gov
Graham, Matt Minnesota x8048 OFF:(612) 624-4557 mgraham@mnhepw.hep.umn.edu
Hahn, Alan Fermilab x2987 PAG:(630) 314-5481 ahahn@fnal.gov
Hu, Martin Fermilab x6495 PAG:(630) 266-7199 martinhu@fnal.gov
Jin, Sheng Northwestern sheng@fnalu.fnal.gov
Joffe, Dave Northwestern dave@telemann.phys.nwu.edu
Kasper, Jason Northwestern x2466 jkasper@fnal.gov
Kronkvist, Ivan Minnesota ivan@hep.umn.edu
Lasio, Giovanni Irvine x3979 OFF:(949) 824-6944 lasio@fnal.gov
Legger, Federica Torino x2468 legger@fsui02.fnal.gov
Lo Vetere, Maurizio Genoa x2467 lovetere@fnal.gov
Luppi, Eleonora Ferrara x8350 OFF:+39 0532 291863 luppi@fe.infn.it
Macri, Mario Genoa x2467 macri@ge.infn.it
Mandelkern, Mark Irvine OFF:(949) 824-6944 markm@uci.edu
Marchetto, Flavio Torino x2468 marchetto@to.infn.it
Marinelli, Mauro Genoa x2467 OFF:+39 010 353 6371 marinelli@ge.infn.it
Marsh, Bill Fermilab x4408 marshw@fnal.gov
Menichetti, Ezio Torino x2468 OFF:+39 011 670 7304 menichetti@to.infn.it
Metreveli, Zaza Northwestern OFF:(847)-491-8631 zazam@fnal.gov
Mussa, Roberto Torino x2468 OFF:+39 011 670 7333 mussa@fnal.gov
Negrini, Matteo Ferrara OFF:+39-0532-781905 negrini@fnal.govnegrini@fnal.gov
Obertino, Margherita Torino x2468 OFF:+39 0116707337 obertino@fnal.gov
Pallavicini, Marco Genoa x2467 OFF:+39 010 353 6350 pallas@fnal.gov
Pastrone, Nadia Torino x2468 OFF:+39 011 6707334 pastrone@fnal.gov
Patrignani, Claudia Genoa x2467 patrignani@fnal.gov
Pedlar, Todd Northwestern todd@numep1.phys.nwu.edu
Peoples, John Fermilab x4085 peop@fnal.gov
Pordes, Stephen Fermilab x3603 PAG:(630) 722-2167 stephen@fnal.gov
Rapidis, Petros Fermilab x3044 PAG:(630) 905-4069 rapidis@fnal.gov
Robutti, Enrico Genoa x2467 robutti@fnal.gov
Roethel, Wilhelm UC Irvine x3979 roethel@fnal.gov
Rosen, Jerry Northwestern OFF:(847) 491-5457 rosen@nuhep2.phys.nwu.edu
Rumerio, Paolo Torino x3685 OFF:847-491-8612 rumerio@fnal.gov
Rusack, Roger Minnesota OFF:612-624-2322FAX:612 624 4578 rusack@hep.umn.edu
Santroni, Alberto Genoa x2467 OFF:+39 010 353 6232 santroni@fnal.gov
Schultz, Jonas Irvine OFF:(949) 824-5142 jschultz@uci.edu
Seo, Seon-Hee Minnesota x8048 shseo@physics.spa.umn.edu
Seth, Kam Northwestern OFF:(847) 491-4050 kseth@nwu.edu
Stancari, Giulio Ferrara OFF:+39 0532 781930 stancari@fnal.gov
Stancari, Michelle Ferrara OFF:+39 0532 781930 michthom@fnal.gov
Tomaradze, Amiran Northwestern OFF:(847) 491-8629 amiran@fnal.gov
Vidnovic, Ted Minnesota x8048 OFF:612-624-4806 vidnovic@fnal.gov
Uman, Ismail Northwestern uman@fnal.gov
Werkema, Steve Fermilab x2232 PAG:(630) 722-4359 werkema@fnal.gov
Zioulas, George Irvine OFF:650-867-2594 giorgos@fnal.gov
Zweber, Peter Northwestern peterzw@fnal.gov

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