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Gabriele Garzoglio

Graduation in Physics at the University of Genova (July '96)
Guest Scientist at Fermilab (since September '96)

Work on E835

  • The Jet Target


  • Antiproton Beam Energy Calculation (1996/97 run):

    E835 run info table: alphanumerical ; only numerical (useful for paw)
    Offline energy calculation stack per stack
    ACNET run number stack per stack
    BPM saturation history
    Single Value Decomposition Threshold Plots
    Beam Position and Angle at the target from BPMs
    Systematic error in the energy calculation neglecting 2nd order terms in the calculation of dL
    BPM position vs time stack per stack

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  • How to find me:
    Home  : 441 S. Batavia ave.           +1-(630)-482-9113
            Batavia (IL), 60510, U.S.A.
    Work  : FERMILAB-P.O.Box 500, MS 366  +1-(630)-840-3685
            Batavia (IL), 60510, U.S.A.   +1-(630)-840-3867 (Fax)
                                          +1-(630)-218-9562 (Pager)
    E-mail address: garzogli@fnal.gov

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