Luminosities and
Energies Table


* Gabriele Garzoglio has complied a table of average instantaneous and integrated luminsoties, center of mass energy and energy spread for the beam for all physics run numbers. Missing data (0.0) is due to missing ACNET information.

The Overall Table has 9 columns as described below. It is available a only numerical version of the same Overall Table (useful for paw).
Here is also a link to the old table (Sep/Oct 1997) and to his only numerical version .

  • Stack Number
  • Resonance name (same as start of gold file directory names)
  • Start date for taking data at point
  • Run Number
  • Nominal Energy as reported by online calculation [MeV]
  • Offline Integrated Luminosity [nb^-1]
  • Offline Average Instantaneous Luminosity [10^31 cm^-2 s^-1]
  • Offline Average Center of Mass Energy [MeV]
  • Offline Average Sigma of Energy Distribution [MeV]
  • *

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