The Jet Target of E835
University of Genova: Mario Macri', Mauro Marinelli.
Fermilab: Del Allspach, Gabriele Garzoglio, Alan Hahn, Cary Kendiora, Dale Miller.

  • General ideas

  • Description of the machine

  • Performance 1996/1997

  • 1999 Upgrades

  • Performance 2000

  • See also

  • Fermilab internal note PUB-97/274-E for further information. Note that this is the Fermilab preprint of the paper NIM-A 11842.
    The .ps version of the figures and a constant jet density plot.

  • The Report on the Jet Target upgrades (if your ghostview doesn't display the document, try selecting the format "letter" by hand): 1993, 1995, 1999.

  • Gabriele Garzoglio's graduation thesis (only italian version)

  • Cary Kendziora's E835 Jet Target Page.

  • Garzoglio's Home Page
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