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E835 is an experiment which continues the study of charmonium. The predecessor experiment, E760, took data during the Fermilab Fixed Target run on 1990-91. Since the last data taking much analysis, writing of papers, development of new detector subsystems, upgrades to exisiting subsytems and preparations for the 1996-97 Fermilab Fixed Target run kept the collaboration busy. Data taking began in October 1996.

A charm quark and an anti-charm anti-quark bound together by the strong force makes a charmonium meson. Different combinations of quantum numbers (e.g. spin and angular momentum) of the two bound constituents form different charmonium particle states. The study of the different states' masses, resonance widths and decay channels increases what is know about the strong force and tests many different theories concerning the strong interaction.

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E835 News



Left handed People Collaborators Right Handed People

Publications & Memos

  • E760 collaborators.
  • E835 collaborators.
  • Links to personal home pages.
  • Collaboration Phone Numbers and Email Addresses.

  • E835 Analyses and Computing summary (update Dec 15, 2000).
  • Full PDG Charmonium listing.

  • The Antiproton Source Department and the current store/studies/stacking sctivities.
  • Link to FNAL Accelerator Status Page (Ch. 13).
  • Rules for preparing and submitting papers (Feb 21,2001) (postscript).
  • P-835 Proposal (postscript).
  • V. 2 of the LOI for continuing E835 in 1999. ( PS, TeX)
  • E835' Proposal (11/19/97) for continuing in 1999. ( PS, TeX)

  • List of E760 Publications, Results and Constants.
  • List of E835 Publications.

  • E760 thesis page.
  • E835 thesis page.

  • E760/E835 memos.
  • New forum page.
  • Official plots.

  • Institutions
    Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Northwestern University University of California Irvine University of Minnesota Ferrara University Genoa Univesity Torino University

  • Fermilab
  • Northwestern University
  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Minnesota
  • Universita di Ferrara
  • Universita di Genova
  • Universita di Torino
  • Numbers &  Information

    DAQ, Computing &  Offline

    1999-2000 Run

  • An Overall Table of luminosity and beam energy information.
  • Log of Luminosities(text version). The total integrated luminosity by time(ps file) and by energy range(ps file) can be seen.
  • Offline calculations of beam energy.
  • The Psinc dst web page.
  • The shift summaries during beam-jet interactions.
  • SCIntillating FIber detectors documentation.
  • CCAL documentation.
  • Status and numbers concering the Y2K Neutral DSTs.
  • Status and numbers concering the GP filtered data sets.
  • Y2K Data Tape Sets.
  • 1999 DAQ Organization.
  • 1999 VSN sheet.

  • Event Header with a description with what replaces what.

  • Description/priority of the PRUDE software triggers.
  • 1996-1997 Run

  • Summaries of each stack's data taking; the individual shift summary reports; each energy point organized by beam momentum; or for the weekly pbar usage.
  • Log of the Golden Data Stream and DSTs.
  • Log of the Calibration data tapes (GNA).
  • Log of Luminosities.A final plot of total integrated luminosity.
  • Offline calculations of beam energy and determination of a systematic error, as well as the beam position and angle at the gas-jet; for each run based upon the available ACNET data as well as every BPM value. The effects of the Single Valued Decomposition Threshold on the energy fit parameters are available.
  • An Overall Table of luminosity and beam energy information.
  • Status and numbers concering the Neutral DSTs.
  • 1996-1997 Data Tape Sets.
  • Data Acquisition links and documents.
  • Computing Systems : descriptions for Online, Backend and RTA systems.

  • The CAMAC scaler channel mapping.
  • Description of the Gatemaster hardware triggers.
  • Description/priority of the PRUDE software triggers.
  • E835 Monitor transparancies from June 1995 (postscript).

  • Event Header 1996-97 with description on how to unpack.
  • Common Blocks contained in fortran include files.
  • E835 Online Monitor Guide (postscript).
  • E835 Event Display (postscript).

  • Silicon Detector documentation page.
  • Photo Gallery

  • Aerial-view of Fermilab
  • Charmonium spectrum (postscript).
  • Charmonium spectrum (color version) (postscript).
  • E835'detector layout (postscript) shown below.
  • E835'detector layout (postscript 17x11).
  • E835'detector layout (postscript 22x11).
  • E835 detector layout (postscript).
  • E760 spectrometer (postscript).
  • Central Calorimeter Cross-section (postscript).
  • Central Calorimeter Side-view (postscript).
  • E760 Cerenkov schematic (postscript).
  • E835 Cerenkov schematic (postscript).
  • Antiproton source schematic (postscript).
  • Antiproton source map (postscript).
  • E835' Inner detectors, side view (postscript).
  • E835 Inner detectors, side view (postscript).
  • E835 Inner detectors, lateral view (postscript).
  • Scannerized pictures of the apparatus (from Roger Rusack)

    Detector Information

  • Run history of the Counters.
  • Run history of the Straw Chambers.
  • Run history of the Scintillating Fiber Tracker.
  • Run history of the Central Calorimeter Hardware (e835).
  • Run history of the Central Calorimeter Hardware (e835 Y2K).
  • Page of the Jet Target.
  • Run history for the Charged Trigger.
  • Run history for the Neutral Trigger.
  • Neutral Trigger Efficiency information.
  • Vertex offset with respect to the CCAL for each energy point.
  • CCAL gain constants statistics.
  • HV history run Y2K.
  • VLPC temperature history run Y2K.
  • Other Relevant and Irrelevant Links

    Quarkonium Working Group QUARKONIUM WORKING GROUP.

    E835 Web Page Template An E835 web page template.

    Relativistic Antihydrogen Antihydrogen (E862) Home Page
    E862 is a companion experiment to E835, running simultaneously using the same gas jet target. Collaborators on E862 are from UC Irvine and Fermilab.

    Fermilab Home Page FNAL home page containing information for both the laboratory user and the general public.

    Resources for High Energy Physicist HEP Information Center
    This page includes search engines for Worldwide HEP sites, links to pages for Physics Conferences, HEP Laboratories, etc.

    My name is Larry, ... Bartoszek Engineering founder Larry Bartoszek has played a major role in the construction and installation of both experiments E760 and E835.
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